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Inspired graphic design

in•spired (adj.) Brilliantly creative; very clever and accurate.

graph•ic (adj.) Giving a clear and effective picture; vivid.

de•sign (noun) A reasoned purpose; an intent.

Take a look around. What can inspired graphic design do for you?

Featured Work

Wise Guy Entertainment Website

Wise Guy Entertainment


Wise Guy Entertainment owner Ryan Miller wanted a clean, professional website that reflected the playfulness of the company.

I created the design around his existing logo and the tagline “Bringing Vaudeville to the Modern Era.”

Visit the live website.

Jimmy Fingers Media Kit

Jimmy Fingers

Media Kit

Jimmy Fingers is a one-of-a-kind entertainer. Like many magicians, he wanted a website that was unique and interesting, but still classy and professional. Jimmy loves the Googie design aesthetic and wanted to incorporate it into his marketing image. The branding elements and color scheme convey a fun, retro style that reflect Jimmy’s character.

The media kit includes a custom-printed folder, four stacked inserts, a mini-poster, DVD and business cards. The horizontal version of the business card includes agent-friendly contact info, and fits into the business card slits on the inside pocket of the folder.

I also created commercial and agent-friendly versions of Jimmy’s website.

“The folders are gorgeous — they really knock it out of the park! It’s a TEN! LOVE IT!” — Jimmy Fingers

Kevin James DVD

Kevin James

DVD Package

I created this DVD package for magician Kevin James while he was on tour in Italy. This project is a good example of how technology allows us to work together across great distances. Kevin and I never actually spoke to each other during the design process; we communicated solely through email.

I provided two initial concepts before Kevin had the idea of using his friend Fabrini’s artwork as a background to give it “a fun, theatrical and wacky vibe.”

Thrown Clear Logo

Thrown Clear


This logo was created for my favorite garage band, Thrown Clear. They needed a simple, one-color logo that would work well on a t-shirt. This is a bit of a departure from my usual style, but I really like the combination of construction sign and comic book as inspiration.

Michael Aslan Business Card

Michael Aslan

Business Card

One of the challenges with designing for many clients within the same industry is creating unique imagery for each client. Michael Aslan’s business card expresses a stylish image in classic black and white, letting the color in his face and name stand out. I used a subtle pinstripe background to echo the pattern of Michael’s suit.

Nova Beltran Website

Nova Beltran


Nova wanted a simple, professional website that conveyed a feeling of serenity. She liked the idea of using a lotus flower and other meditative images as part of the design. The final result is a combination of the three preliminary concepts I created for her.

Visit the live website.

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Jordan Wright Logo

Jordan Wright


This logo was created for surreal magician Jordan Wright. Jordan is an artistic performer, and he needed a logo that reflected his unique style and distinguished him from more traditional magicians.

He had already established his brand colors as black, red and white, and originally thought he wanted a logo that incorporated an image of an eyeball. Eleven versions of this logo were created before settling on this one. This is one of my favorite projects, and now serves as the basis for Jordan’s branding on his business cards, brochures and website.

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“Thanks to Erin’s unique ability to capture my style in her graphic design, I continuously receive compliments on how great my business cards look. Erin's ability to take my initial concept and create not only a great logo design but also great looking print media is unparalleled by anyone I have ever worked with.” — Jordan Wright

Off the Couch Fitness Business Card

Off the Couch Fitness

Business Card

This business card was designed for Sheri Kaminski, owner of Off the Couch Fitness. Sheri specializes in working with female clients, with a focus on gaining strength and overall well being. She needed a business card that was both feminine and powerful, and presented a fun, positive image.

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Jeff McBride DVD Ad

Jeff McBride

Magazine Ad

I have designed most of the advertising materials for McBride Magic since 2007. This ad, promoting both an instructional magic DVD and a documentary about Jeff’s life, ran for several months in MAGIC Magazine. We did not have photography of the products, so the artwork for the DVD packaging was superimposed onto the images of the DVD cases.

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Coldwell Banker Buyer’s Guide

Coldwell Banker

Buyer’s Guide

This was a redesign of Coldwell Banker's Buyer’s Guide. It was designed as a template in order to be easily updated with a new photo every month.

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“The home you created the brochure for SOLD! I received RAVE reviews on the brochure; people could not believe it!” — Toni Stewart, Vice President of Corporate Development, Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

Paul Draper Show Poster

Paul Draper

Show Poster

This show poster was designed for magician, mentalist and cultural anthropologist Paul Draper. It features a caricature created for Paul by artist Joe Yakovetic.

The poster needed to emphasize the caricature while still including all pertinent information about the show. It was designed without a bleed (artworking extending all the way to the edge of the page) so that it could be easily printed or copied.

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